Alcohol-infused Ice Cubes: The Hot New Party Trend

Fresh Berry Ice from Annie Eats

Party Planning Ideas : Alcohol-infused ice cubes.

Alcohol-infused ice cubes are a new way to add even more flavor to event beverages while keeping them nice and cool.

When planning a party, this new trend will allow you to test your creativity while adding a fun vibe to any social gathering. Become the hostess with the mostess!

So, how are they made? The ingredients and equipment are minimal – all that is needed is an ice cube tray, booze of your choice, water, and access to a freezer.

Here’s how to knock out and super boost a Blue Hawaii (you’ll need rum and blue Curacao)


  1. Pour equal amounts of Bacardi rum, blue Curaçao and water into each of the cubes in the tray.
  2. Put the tray(s) into the freezer, and allow it to freeze for approximately four hours.  
  3. Once the cubes are fully frozen, take the tray(s) out of the freezer, remove the cubes, and place them in the drink.  Easy as that!


You’re probably wondering- how can I take it to the next level and really put my creativity to the test? Think no further! In addition to adding liquids to the ice cube trays, you can also experiment with flowers, herbs, spices or citrus slices!

Floral Ice Cubes
Party Planning Ideas – Floral Ice Cubes

Pick a color tone to match your event or drink and get creative! The cubes look great on display also!

Whatever the occasion, let your inner imagination run free and kick your event drink up a notch!


Erin Miller

(Event Associate – 1315 Event Space)